MGS3 - Quick Question

How long after killing an animal does the meat go bad? i ate some bad snake last night and my stamina went down to nothing and i was vomiting. it sucked because the guards could hear my stomach making noises :P


I'm seriously considering buying this game.

It was a bit overwhelming to start with for me. So far its been nothing but tranqing guys and then stabbing them to death.

The jungle has a ton of potential but unlike a building its so open that you spend most of the time hiding by crawling in marshes.

I got me some acaconda and three gators to munch on in a short while.

damn, bro - i start over if i kill anyone or get spotted.

I have no clue. Just tranq or trap the shit instead.

Also, if you eat those glowing mushrooms, your batteries recharge.

lol - really? that's pretty cool.

i'm usually pretty impatient with games like this, but i've found it worth the extra effort to make it through entire scenes without using my gun or being spotted.

I was pretty impatient with it at first too.

The camera work is pretty shitty, and even though you can move it, it's essentially worthless.

It's kind of annoying to be constantly switching to first-person view to see what's around you all the time, but after a while, you get used to it.

i kind of figured out how you could tell if something was rotten before you eat it.

go to your backpack and scan over your food. it will have some flies on it if it's bad.