MI Tournament set for April 18

Champions Challenge is set for April 18, Tournament Web site is championschallenge.info With the help of Jessica Ross and Don Richards this event will be one of the best in Michigan.





dan - did you bring back the awesome stone dragons? ;-)

also, can you more clearly list the website URL? thanks!

Wagnney Fabiano might be interested in a super fight.

hey ang or jess,

can you email me at rerox@rocketmail.com.

I have something VERY important to ask one of you.:)

Kashk there are no super fights only pro tournament.

Web site: championschallenge.info

Oh no...

Tournament will be MMA RANKED GOLD EVENT.

btw, quinn, kai and marie, thanks for letting me roll with you guys....was a pleasure...

Angleo.......thanks for responding bro......you need to get more info on the subject. ;) i won't be in till next week so you HAVE to keep me updated.....

Rerox: Never a problem I hope you show up again so I can actually roll with you. I just gotta stop eating out of dumpsters and drinking coffee.


More announcements soon...




TTT will there be a womans div??hahahahahaha

just kidding;o)

No super fights???????? What's up with that. I thought there was? I thought I was suppose to have a super fight. Damn, that sucks. I will be there anyway and on the mats.

Carlo, nadda problem! Your welcome to come by anytime. We have friendly opened doors.


marie, i keep reading posts alluding to your shcool or wherever you train. can you let me know where it is and what your schedule is? who trains/instructs there, etc. i'm afraid i'm sort of clueless and would like to be in the know, for once. thanks!

i'll fight rerox in a superfight. we're both blue now. make it a stick-fighting/grappling match!