Mia Farrow "Lost Footage"

I guess “metoo” and Ronan Farrow have been such big business in the world of social justice that HBO conveniently left out some of the signs of Mia Farrows overt insanity so as not to damage the narrative. I think she had 2 of her adopted kids kill themselves, the other one married Woody Allen, and another doesnt speak to her. Ronan appears to be the only one in contact.

This is how insane actresses used to handle life and kids before it was ok for them to turn them into trannies.

New take but I like it!

Woody is a creepy Jew…of that there is no doubt.
Mia was a second generation daughter of Hollyweird.
I was about 5 or 6 the year Rosemary’s Baby came out. The talk at the time was that Mia had a nervous breakdown and was never the same after filming it. She’s a wack job. Ronan is Frankie’s not Woody’s.

She’s REALLY insane. She was a guest of Andre Previn and his wife at their house when she fucked him, got him to ship his wife off to a mental institution, and then married him. And Ronan is definitely Sinatra’s kid, conceived while she was with Woody.

Pretty sure Woody is “18 year olds creepy”, not
“5 year olds creepy”.

I’m not that sure.

I assumed Woody might have molested the 5 year old until I read Mia’s son’s testimony. He was young, but the only witness there other than Ronan, who was younger than him, I think, and he contradicted most of Mia’s claims and also seems to live a fairly normal life where he doesnt profit from attention. He also recalled Mia bashing Soon Yi over the head with a telephone, and there’s the pics from the article I linked which are pretty disturbing.