MIA OGer thread

Post forum members that haven't been around in a while....

Shogun of Harlem, what happened to him? Enjoyed his posts about his Navy pilot experiences. He retired a couple of years ago, and I haven't seen posts from him lately.

Who else is Missing in Action?

Original Tuffer

Co3 -

Original Tuffer

RIP fluffer.

Gone but never forgotten

Dig this big crux hasn't been seen in a while, or my man PittWrestler DONDE ESTA ESSAYS

Pretty cool dude


I want Pecker back :(

Our beloved JettDogg.


HerringInAFurCoat (sp?)


Authority Figure (lol)

Hocky..........hopefully we'll be seeing him in November.

Robert Silva use to post all kinds of threads with hot chicks. I sure do miss him

Radio Raheem

Radio rahem


Radio raheem
Inner tube captain


Machine may


thirdleg was funny

JakethaGr8, KASINO... just about anyone that ever crossed me... I'm the motherfucking KISS OF DEATH!