Mia St.John at RING OF FIRE 12!!

Playboy model and pro boxer Mia St.John will be ringside and special guest at the May 22nd RING OF FIRE 12 event.

St.John will be there in support of ROF Fighters and to help promote her boxing match the following night at Club Avalon in South Denver.

Tickets for RING OF FIRE are available at www.ticketswest.com or at all KING SOOPERS Locations.

Tickets for the Mia St.John fight are available at www.groovetickets.com


ttt for pics of mia st. john

I think I love Her LOL!!

Aloha Sven,

How everything hope all is well

Brennan Kamaka

She's hot but is not the great fighter she's promoted to be.

Boobies r good though. Admit it.

She can't fight!!!

She can't wrestle but you should see her box

I did last week in Biloxi, Ms.;Cute but no boxer!!

look at what crazyhook said joe, and get your mind into the gutter


"She can't wrestle but you should see her box"

Bring it.

yeah id make that bitch scream


"Boobies r good though. Admit it."

I would rock those tits like speedbags.

GUYS you got me

this aint the og but.....

*jacks furiously*