Miami Muay Thai?

I will be in the Miami area this weekend and I am looking for a Muay Thai workout. Looks like all of the Muay Thai gyms down there dont train on Saturday. Anybody have any ideas?

I will call. Anoybody else?

Moti Horenstein has an academy down there. He is really good. He set a record of being in 2 UFC fights and not landing a punch.

So what did he land?

Kendrick something in Miami. Also a guy he trains just knocked out Bang Ludwig. Probably others too.

Kedrick and Remy dont train on Saturday. Thanks though. I beleive Remy got a decision over Bang. Im pretty sure Remy would be the senior fighter of the camp. He has about 50 pro fights. I dont think Kedric has quite that many. Both are great fighters.