Michael Bisping looked great

Michael Bisping looked great at his debut at 185. He seems much more at home here. He seems in better shape and a lot quicker. I was really impressed with his striking as well. The man has some good strikes. I expect to see him continue to make a name for himself in the 185 lb division.

I agree, he looked great!! Those knees at the end of the fight were fast and deadly, he didn't look to lose much strength or speed. He'll be GREAT at 185.

TTT for the Count!

Yeah, his striking looked super crisp. During a couple of those exchanges he looked like he was jacked into the Matrix ala Anderson Silva.

Bisping was a class act post-fight as well. A very impressive showing.


nobody at that division has looked as quick except silva. i look forward to that fight!!

bisbing vs. silva would be interesting

Mike did a realy good job... I have never been a fan but after last night... I am a convert... his knees strikes from the clinch were very good.... they were just an asault.

Reserving judgment

I've always been a fan of his, and he does look much better at 185.

 a few guys looked great cuz their opponents did nothing

"Franklin will kill him on his feet"

Bisping clearly has a better chin than Franklin at this stage, and he hasn't had multiple facial surgeries either.


looked real good at 185.. id like to see him fight franklin

He looked 10 times better than he did at LHW.

his opponent was easy, but he looked very well.

I have been a fan of Bisping ever since the first time he TKOd Epsein, He looked sharp and settled last night.
Much lighter on his feet and his strikes were more crisp and pacey.

185 is going to be a great home for Bisping, Its good to hear that he wasn't cuttting as well, His physique really looked like a solid 185er.

Great fighter, great attitude, great ambassador for British MMA.

TTT for Bisping.

 I was surprised at how quick he looked

 Bisping needs to work his wrestling defense something fearce... Other than that, he looked absolutely awesome.

it looks like the middleweight division is slowly starting to shape up again