Michael Bisping should get the shot.

He deserves it based on time of being relevant alone, not to mention his last win.
Dude had been a company man from the start and they should give it to him if he asks. Phone Post 3.0

I'd agree if he didn't get destroyed by Luke not to long ago Phone Post 3.0

I really want Jacare to get his shot, and think Jacare has a better chance against Luke than Bisping does, but Bisping has put the time in and I won't complain if he gets a title shot. He's won me over these last few years.

I'd be down to see him get smashed again Phone Post 3.0

if bisping can be ready, they should give it to him. he stands little to no chance and keeping the rockhold fight will help the ppv.

jacare shouldn't take the fight on short notice though. he's actually the most legit contender and should get a proper shot soon.

CaliKush - I'd agree if he didn't get destroyed by Luke not to long ago Phone Post 3.0
This. It's probably what's gonna prevent him getting it. I think he's destined to always be the nearly man Phone Post 3.0

Bisping would get smashed again.

Jacare will be in better shape and much more competitive than a Bisping re match Phone Post 3.0

Rather it be jacare. Phone Post 3.0


Give it to Bisping Phone Post 3.0

Jacare Phone Post 3.0

A bisping title shot would probably get more ppv buys than a jacare title shot imo


Jacare is the no brainer. He just fought less than a round and didn't get touched. Phone Post 3.0

He doesn't deserve a title shot. Phone Post 3.0