Michael Jai White, N Diaz @GFC

Hosts for the Gracie Fighting Championships will be none other than Actor and Martial artist Michael Jai White (Spawn, Undisputed II), Veteran MMA fighter Nick Diaz, and Cesar Gracie. Ring announcer for the event is Keith David, veteran actor also(PLatoon, Chronicles of Riddick).

Also in attendance will be Mark Coleman and Wallid Ishmail.

Cesar IMO.

I dont link, Gracieinfo or a blue namer can. It's on the GFC news page on the website. GFCfighter.com



I ask and crowbar delivers. thx




Miachael Jai White was really excited to get the call to do this show. Big MMA and Martial arts fan. Nick wanted to fight but cant until the next one, so he is gonna do the next best thing which is call the fights and get a look at the 170lb belt he will be fighting for later this year agains the winner of Fredson Paxiao vs Thomas Denny.


Coleman will be there? Fuck, I am going!

throws on Hammer House shirt

Yes, Mark Coleman, and Wallid Ishail will both be speacial guests. Nicks Diaz and Cesar will be commentating with Michael Jai White.

Coleman is awesome!

Cesar for the 2nd time. Can you read?

Seamus, I dont know what kind of seats you want, but from what I understand, almost all of the ringsides are gone and a lot of the $150 seats are selling fast. Lots sold over the weekend. Keep this in mind if you guys want to sit close. Check out the myspace page to see what the entrance for the fighters will look like.

"Fredson Paxiao vs Thomas Denny"

What happened to Steve Heath vs Thomas Denny?

Dude he has a belt or at least should.

Fredson is great, gonna be an awesome fight.

I agree, it will be a great fight between Paxiao and Denny. as a matter of fact the whole card is nothing but great fights.