Michael Johnson Wants T.J.

No Homo

"Hey @danawhite if @TJ_Grant is still alive & not trying to MILK he's injury & hold on to his ranking we need to fight soon!!"

If he's skipped out on a title shot and other opportunities I don't think he's milking "he's injury", but nonetheless I'd watch this Phone Post 3.0

Let him have the fight. He's moving up anyway Phone Post 3.0

He's got a head injury. That's kinda fucked up. Phone Post 3.0

I hate it when fighters milk brain injuries. They should learn to just bleed. Phone Post 3.0

That is totally classless...Just terrible.

TJ would bash his fucking head in BTW.

Yeah, what's up with he's injury? Phone Post 3.0

Bit of a dick way of going about this by Johnson. TJ's never talked trash afaik so this just makes him look like an asshole. Phone Post 3.0

The docs won't let him bang bro. Phone Post 3.0

Johnson just wants to fight. I think it's kind of unnecessary since severity of the injury, but I do t blame him for wanting to fight the best. Johnson has called out everyone Phone Post 3.0

hendofanforlife -

any updates on his return?

. Phone Post 3.0