michael mcdonald vs. chuck lidell

who takes it?

Submission by Yah Mo B There. 1st Round

randleman vs. mcdonald


In KICKBOXING!??!  C'mon.

In MMA?!! C'mon.

Either format is a mismatch for one of em.



MM will yammo beat the shit out of Chuck's eardrums....

Michael McDonald takes it in Rd. 2 - ref stoppage due to excessive bleeding from the ears.

does k1 pay better

sorry, but McDonald picks Lidell apart.

there is a huge talent pool in k1, why doesnt ufc put them guys in there. p.s. i think that hunt could easily take sylvia

I don't think Hunt could *easily* take Sylvia but I think that it would be a very interesting fight.  Hunt would force Sylvia into wild exchanges that he isn't used to.  He is used to sitting back behind the jab.  Hunt has been hit by much bigger puncher / kickers than Sylvia and would take the fight to Sylvia.  Either fighter could win, but seeing Sylvia out of his comfort zone would be interesting.



Love Liddell but wheeels has K-1'd the correct.

McDonald would be "takin it to the streets"

LOL@Yah Mo B There

k1 level striker might pick apart chuck, its a stiker like mcdonald that would take out chuck, but i think when chuck starts to get tagged he would just shoot for a double, mount and ground and pound....