Michael Wolff ragging on Brian Stelter

Tells Brian that he is the problem lol


He’s not wrong.

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Did Brian go and cry with his “wife” afterwards?

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Stelter is such a moron, it doesn’t take any brains to rag on him.

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It doesn’t get much worse than getting called out by Michael Wolff, one of the dumbest, sleaziest, carnies in journalism, and having to sit there and take it because you know he is right.

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His defense for being on the show was great… Well I’m a book salesman

Probably the most honest thing Michael Wolff has ever said in his career.

I too admired his honestly. It showed a stark contrast. One man able to admit an unfortunate truth about him & another awkwardly giggling like a little girl

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Shelter is beyond awful and the furthest thing from an unbiased journalist, but he handled that pretty well. Deep down he knows it is true.

I would have liked to see Wolff say that to Cuomo. It would have been much more entertaining as Cuomo’s ego couldn’t have handled that criticism.

I thought his response was weak. He was called a lying propagandizing piece of crap. And he laughed like it was beneath him.
A man that thinks he’s innocent stops the interview and asks u to explain why u say such things. If u speak generally he asks specifics and then explain why u are wrong.
He looked weak. Like he is

How is Stelter not even 36 yet? It blows my mind. He looks so much older.

When does Stelter not look weak? He is one of the best examples of a “journalist” trying to portray how neutral and unbiased they are when they are nothing but a political activist hack.

He has no response so just laughing it off and staying pleasant with his accuser was by far his best course of action.

Cuomo or Don Lemon would have been more entertaining but it’s nice to see Stelter’s fatass called out.

Calling you a hack fraud won’t hurt my book sales. It also happens to be true.

If it wasn’t him being CNN’s number one turd, it would be someone else.

I think it looks weak when your integrity is called into question & you have no answer.
All in front of his dozens of viewers.


Brian Stelter looks like a chimpanzee that’s longed to show off what braces did


Lol at CNN happy to take any viewers they can get. If ridiculing and humiliating one of our journalists makes ppl watch that fine!

Watching Stelters face change was hilarious

Pegging addict Costanza is where masculinity goes to die.

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Ooof, that was cringe-worthy.

Stelter desperately trying to play it off as if two friends were breaking each others balls…but Wolff was straight up assaulting him.