Michel Gondry

Its funny, for the past years, I have seen a lot of music videos and most of them are pretty damn gay. But there hae been a few that really stand out and inspired me. Well it turns out that a lot of the videos that have stood out were made by the same guy, Michel Gondry, who just directed "Eternal Sunshine of the Spottless Mind"One video I really liked was a video for a song called "Star Guitar" by the Chemical Brothers. I am not %100 sure how he did this video, all I could find out is that he took the same trip on the same train 11 times in one day to get the footage. Its a very subtle effect but to me it is pretty fucking bad ass.Another video he did was the White Stripes animated Lego video. I thought for sure that he had some insane plugin that would make video look like legos, but they are real legos. He said that he shot video of the band playing the song, then took it into some software like FCP and added a pixelized effect on it so each block was about the shape as a lego. Then he printed out each frame in color, and had some animators built each frame out of legos, and then shot each frame with a film camera.He has done about 30 other music videos but those two really stand out to me.

Damn, I've never seen that video. Very cool.

I liked "Human Behavior" and "Army of me" he did for Björk.

He also did Everlong for Foofighters. And "the music sounds better with you"

the first time i ever saw something resembling 'bullet time' matrix stuff was in the Rolling Stones video for "Like a Rolling Stone", it's on his director's dvd set thing.

Are you sure?

I noticed somethings on the higher res video that looked like they probably just did a lot of masking and compositing of actual video.