Michigan GOP: No Voter Fraud

Shocked this didn’t get more attention on the OG!

“An investigation led by Michigan Republican lawmakers found no basis for claims by former President Donald Trump and his allies that there was widespread fraud in the 2020 election.”

Here’s the actual report for those with absolutely no life:

Now will Trump stop lying that the 2020 election was rigged? Of course not.

“Fast and furious!” the new “information” is coming in, he claims! :man_facepalming: At what point does believing anything this whining loser says make you realize what a gullible fool you are?

Welp, that settles it.

they are obviously in on it. nothing else makes sense!

Its been settled a lot already, trumptards just can’t move on

Yeah, nothing weird going on. Just locking out observers and harassing them.


There’s old kevsh, the forum’s whiney liberal woman. Where ya been?


still better restrict voting to one hour at one location with ultra lazer signature verification and armed poll watchers 6" apart just to be sure.

Hard to find evidence if you don’t actually look for it.


Did you even look at the document…it was incredibly thorough.

Just like the nursing home scandal investigation involving that douche whitmer. Nothing to see here, right?

They have been pressing for that info. No bs news with Charlie leduff. He’s the man behind it all. As for this, the GOP hates Whitmer, If fuckery was there it would have been found.

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Its well known that legacy republicans love and have supported Trump every step of the way, and are known to be ethical, so the fact that there is nothing in it for them to find anything wouldnt influence things at all.


No it was not. Recounting ballots tells you nothing about if the ballots were fraudulent. Until they actually do a thorough audit like is being done in Arizona they can’t say there is no evidence because they haven’t actually looked. Continuing to gaslight as if it’s settled only makes you look more suspect.


Luckily Michigan passed a voter ID bill just today.

Op agrees with this guy. Lol

…did you read it? It was a little more in depth than ‘counting ballots’ mate.

Which pages? I’ll look later.

I did read it. They recounted Antrim county’s 16k votes. A recount tells you nothing about whether the ballots are fraudulent or not…and Antrim County leans Republican so that’s not where there would be ‘widespread’ fraud IF there was any. They also allegedly did an ‘audit’ of “randomly selected races in randomly selected precincts”. They list the results from one of these from East Grand Rapids Precinct 5 which had a few hundred votes. Again they are just recounting ballots and there are no attempts to verify if they are fraudulent or not…and it’s conveniently not from the main county in question where most of the fraud would have occurred IF it did occur. Like I said, until they actually do a real thorough audit I will not believe shit they say. They can fuck off with the gaslighting.

So you’re telling me all the fake voting poll stations and all the pollsters buying and harvesting votes NEVER HAPPENED???


Yep, nothing corrupt in Michigan….