Michigan MMA Events

So, what is the deal with Cage Combat and Champion Cage Fighting? They both are events getting put on in Michigan this month. Are these just amateur events or are these promoters just gambling?

I have been wondering the same thing. If you look at the rules on the Chanmpion Cage fighting site, they look like real MMA rules. I wouldnt think the Palace would take a chance but somebody convinced them it was ok.

What gives?

they are amateur events. The one champion cage fighters is run by some cronie of Art Dore named Neil. These guys aren't in it to help the sport they are in it for the money.

It sounded shady.

art dore bad for the sport-----now you know and knowing is half the battle

GI JOE!!!!!

yeah, but they're putting this on at the palace. something that none of the fight companies have done.

yes, i know it's all amateur fighting, but still, that's impressive.

and i know that kotc gets away with pro fighting cause they're on the reservation.


Yea REAL IMPRESSED I head his show got canceled

Whos show got cancelled?

look we don't want any show to fuck up the chance for mma to make it in michigan. I also talked to neal and he said our rules are on the website and they list them as full contact judo, i asked if fighters can use forarms and he said yes. This kind of unregulated amature fights could hurt the cause.