Michigan Morels

Some pics from the morels I found this weekend. about 72 on the first day, 30 on the 2nd day.



nice find

what are you going to make with them?

Hopefully not liver failure! 
I'd just cook 'em all in a big pot and can it into cream of morel soup. 

you could dehydrate them for later use

Those are morels

Amanitas cause liver failure, they couldn't look any more different than morels. The mushroom that you are thinking off is white with white gills.

That being said always triple check your field guide and ask an expert. When in doubt throw it out.

As the (dorky) saying goes there are old mycologists and there are bold mycologists. There are no old bold mycologists.

if you're not familiar with Morels, it may seem odd to you to pick a shroom in the woods and eat it. just google "morels" and you'll see what i'm talking about. i've been doing this for a while and i'm not one to pick a shroom that i know nothing about.

i've already made some of these up in a few different ways:

first, i sauted some in butter and taste tested them, because morels taste best fresh and i couldn't wait to eat some. next i did the same thing with some and added them to a sauce i used with pasta (bad choice, killed their taste). next i made some up with the old family recipe - but with a twist:

the old family recipe is to slice them in half, egg wash them, bread them in crushed and crumbled Saltines and fry them in butter. but, i thought that while this is good, using Ritz crackers instead of Saltines would be better. man, was it! hit them with a dash of salt and pepper after they come out of the skillet and it's hard to beat.

i also plan to make some with scrambled eggs or in an omelet, because these taste great that way, too. if i find more up north this weekend, i will saute them and top my porterhouse with them!

those that i don't cook soon will be dehydrated and vacuum sealed, then reconstituted in a chicken or beef broth when i'm ready to use them again.

my girlfriend works at the most expensive steak house in town. they currently have morels on the menu (going for $15 for 3-4 small ones). the chef offered me $45/lb. i turned it down. i don't have enough to start selling, and even if i did i know that they will easily sell for about $90/lb.

Nice lookin' shrooms.

Funny, I just finished a Jim Harrison collection of short stories and morel collecting in Michigan is mentioned in just about every one.

Where did you find them? Around a burned down house? Railroad tracks? I'm definitely going out hunting for some this weekend.

Yeah, where did you find them? Be very specific, including directions and Google maps, etc......

Very cool. We're getting rain today so hopefully another batch will be popping out.

One of the best meals I ever had was fresh brown trout caught out on Lake Huron and fresh picked morels.

i found them in the woods... j/k.

you have to get out in the woods and look for stands of white ash trees, dying elm trees, and even some aspens (poplars). ash trees are consistently the best producers, dying elms are a close second.

step 1: learn which mushrooms you can pick and eat.

step 2: learn to identify the trees they tend to grow near.

My best luck has always been in areas that have recently been burnt and on old railroad ties. Where are you finding elm trees? They aren't that many left due to dutch elm disease.

"i found them in the woods... j/k."


we still have elms in SE michigan. they haven't been hit as hard as the ash trees have with those borers.

got a new recipe for these things that i whipped up tonight. bacon, eggs & morels:

1. cut the shrooms like calamari or onion rings about a 1/4" think (give or take). if you have big ones, cut them 1/2" thick. the thicker they are, the more flavor they'll have at the end of the recipe. if they're small shrooms keep them whole.

2. fry up some bacon in a skillet. drain on paper towel, reserve bacon grease.

3. add a TBSP or 2 of EVOO, and a TBSP of butter or your butter substitute of choice.

4. add the morel rings and fry until done or a little crispy on the edges. the cooking morels will add some water to the grease, so you may have to pour off some grease half way through cooking. drain shrooms on the paper towel.

5. at this point you can pour off all of the grease, some of it, or none of it.

6. scramble 3 - 4 eggs in the skillet.

7. add the mushrooms to the skillet when the eggs are almost done cooking.

8. hit the shroom egg mixture with a dash of S & P.

9. combine all of the cooked ingredients on a plate and enjoy.

the shrooms really take on a new flavor when cooked with some of the bacon grease. AMAZING!



went up north to look for more this weekend. nothing. the season may be over. but i still have some of these in the fridge.

need more bacon.

took today off of work and found 30 more big ones. they're still out there.