Michigan Striking Coach Needed

Metro Fight Club of Ann Arbor, Michigan is seeking a qualified striking instructor to teach approx 3 classes per week to both striking only and mma minded fighters..

Requirements; You must have fighting experience in either Kickboxing, Boxing, Muay Thai or the like and must be able to apply that knowledge to a mma enviroment for those who will be taking your classes for that purpose.

This is a chance for you to establish your own striking program on the campus of the University of Michigan!!! (endless potential for driven individual).

There will be a 30% facility fee on all monies taken in through the classes...With that money, all equipment needed to run the class is provided and is of the finest quality. Class times will be made available to fit your schedule and you'll also have help with advertising and recruiting.

We would like to start classes ASAP!!

If interested, please contact me at


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