Mick Foley T.V. Show?


"Mick Foley is in talks with CBS about developing and starring in a new drama where he would play a Tampa Bay police detective. The show would be a one hour episodic drama.

The show would be part of the WWE Films division with both Vince and Linda McMahon set to be involved from the production standpoint.

An announcement regarding the show will take place in the industry trade publication,Variety,later this week."

I'll watch this religiously.

I hope Mick does well. Yet the fact that WWE writers will be in on this, just doesn't inspire much confidence.

This WWE Film Division thing will likely end in total failure.

tv? Good. CBS? Great! Mick Foley? Numba 1!

WWE Film Division? Hack-twoy! *spits in disgust*

I hope it does better than his robot fighting show.

The robot show blew, wasn't nearly as good as Battlebots.

This new show will REALLY blow if it has WWE writers, they can't even write wrestling decently.

cbs? boooo old people tv

The fans will tune in, just like the XFL

and if the wwe writers are involved, it will tank just like the xfl did

foley should stick to writing books