Mick Foley urges Vince to launch an all-women's brand

  1. How bad of an idea is this?

  2. How likely is it to actually happen?

That tweet is absolute proof that repeated chair shots to the head are bad for you.


Absolutely terrible idea. Why fragment an already rather niche market?

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I would love to see just how many people have actually paid money for AEW’s “Heel” subscription.

If the stuff Mickie James has recently said was told to her by WWE higher ups is true, their all-women’s Evolution PPV (while I admit I genuinely enjoyed it) was one of WWE’s worst performing shows ever.

Creepy Foley probably angling to be GM so he can hang around. Just because AEW might “beat them to the punch” doesn’t mean it would be a good idea or money maker for AEW.


I was thinking the same. Plus then he would hire his daughter in some capacity.

Yes, there could be that ulterior motive with the daughter. I haven’t heard much of her over the past year or so. Have you?

Foley is an idiot. Why would Vince take business advice from him when they run internal metrics to gauge activity level and viewership for their segments? If an all female brand would work Vince would’ve done it considering how much garbage content they churn out.

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You have to do what’s best for you, not counter what someone else might do. That’s when bad decisions are made.

To be fair, if they were actually making decisions based on this instead of Vince’s last-minute whim & fancy, Raw wouldn’t have such horrid viewership.

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Unless she is naked, she would bring absolutely no value to anything.

Yes, I agree that Vince probably ignores the metrics but in this case there is the possibility that he is listening to them hence no all female promotion. Even when we see a good female match we typically see it in comparison to the consistent slop they put out. How many times have we said that female match was better than the best male match on the card? Not often or at all.

People will pop for a women’s star and a strong performer. We see this in mma when people got behind Rousey back in the day and even thug rose now. But most of it is poorly acted, the wrestling isn’t nearly as good, and the writing is horrible.

Imagine Natalya, with her sister as her valet. Jesus. Must-see TV.

Mickie James is on board with this idea. She might even run with it herself…

I would really love to do something in the female brand perspective. If I was going to tie myself to something, that’s what I would sink my teeth into. From a space of like developing a cool show that is based around women and empowers and lifts them up. That’s what I’m working on and focusing on. Other than that, I don’t know if I need that button now or if it’s the same.

Compliments the talented women across all wrestling promotions:

The Knockouts division is amazing, AEW. Every promotion has an incredible locker room with females. Most of the talent is signed somewhere and they’re all signed for a reason. Every promotion has a really strong foundation to do something with women in mind and that perspective. [In WWE], even if it’s the Mae Young Classic, you can incorporate it and fold it in. Evolution can be the annual event. There is so much young talent signed. NXT, NXT UK, but there is also talent sitting and waiting to get a spot on that television that you can take a chance and help develop and brand them.