Microplastics now found deep in human lungs (masks?)

The majority are low quality, and not even close to what a medical professional would wear.

They may look like a medical mask, but they definitely aren’t one. Says so right on the box.

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They’re in the air and the water.

But let’s argue about masks instead :slight_smile:

Masks do the square root of fuck all but this isn’t from that.

Or at least not solely…

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The good thing is though that rather than really try to find alternatives and cut back on all plastic use rather than just “single use”, plastic use would appear to be increasing because muh recycling.

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Nothing to do with drinking water from plastic bottles for decades no?. I swear to fuck, some of you guys will blame a nuclear holocust on Vaccines

Seriously. It’s one thing to dislike masks, but the leaps this forum makes to create bullshit propaganda is wildly retarded. Although tbf, it’s pretty damn fun to watch from a Star Trek menagerie standpoint – kinda like hijacking the short bus and creating a zoo exhibit out of it.


No, the problem of microplastics did not begin two years ago. They are everywhere.

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In your lungs? You get plastic in your lungs from drinking water from plastic bottles?