Microsoft bought Call of Duty

Life is over. Nobody in this forum will do shit.
“My guns.” You’re beat. Who will challenge them in court? The 2 million truckers? We lost.

It’s done.

Fall of Duty?

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How do you go against a Monopoly? You can’t . That’s why it’s a Monopoly.

COD has been a shit garbage FPS for awhile now. Nobody is losing sleep over this with the exception of fan boys. Not to mention the deal still will be scrutinized and has as far as I’m aware not been approved or signed off on. I may have missed something but I was under the impression the deal still has to be reviewed and approved by the FTC and the DOJ?

The interesting thing out of all this is how they are going to look at this buyout from two different angles. They are going to make a decision based on seperate aspects of multiplayer and campaign modes. If either one is found to potentially be the cause of future violations the deal won’t get done without massive alterations and oversight.

Personally, I dont give a shit. I dont play any of their games and I am not a console fan boy. What is the worst that can happen? Ps heads cant play future COD? it would be a very stupid business decision on Microsofts part to exclude the PS community from such a title. Your not going to get that many people to switch consoles solely based on the inability not to play single game or two.

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It’s Microsoft buying everything. Go sue them in court. Do you have 70 billion dollars in your account. I forgot you probably do.

That’s a Monopoly. It’s a trillion dollar company vs a Billion dollar company. Cool XBox basically bought PlayStation out.

Everyone wanted a PlayStation. “They bought them out.” Look at your dinner plate you fucking retard.


Just get fucking modern warfare on gamepass, because I already bought the fucking thing, love it, can’t find the disc when I went to series s.

Now I have series x also, can’t find the fucking disk. There should be a way to exchange physical for digital if user wants.

The bigger underlying problem is when Microsoft pushes Sony out and are the only game in town with no competition, the quality of their games will quickly suffer… Look at what happened to WWE after they bought out WCW.

They don’t care. I’m not the smartest person, that’s a monopoly or not?

Sony had exclusive rights to Call of Dutyl. Bill Gates basically said use 70 billion USD. Perceptive Jordan brand or Adidas can’t even sell for that.

And if you’re that dumb. “Nytron how many homeless people can they pay.” They want your house.

Does that mean CoD will become woke and other regressive shit?


You can go play last of us 2 with EVERYONE WAS a Tranny.

But you are going to play their woke games anyway.

No thanks. I prefer to play LoU part 1. To hell with that gender-bending bowlshit.

Shit is over. Everyone is equal. I wish Clyde Anderson thought this through.

At the end of the game everyone’s score is combined and then evenly split amongst the players for equality. Everybody wins.

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