Microsoft CHANGING THE GAME: Holoportation


This is fucking amazing. Phone Post 3.0

Shits about to get real! Imagine what cam girls can do with the technology?!? Phone Post 3.0

Imagine the cyber sex possibilities...

that living memory shit done fucked me up. 

So what is the PIP screen for?

The little girl looked real except in the pip screen

Myfreecams needs to get in on this Phone Post 3.0

In Phone Post 3.0

@ Phone Post 3.0

the porn industry will change overnight with this tech affordable for all

Soup and Beer - 

Imagine the cyber sex possibilities...

As with many other techs, the porn angle is what will determine this things success haha.

Insane Phone Post 3.0

Soup and Beer -

Imagine the cyber sex possibilities...

Cam girls on a whole new level Phone Post 3.0

InsertPhillipJFryeJustTakeMyMoney.jpg Phone Post 3.0

Reminds me of the hologram agents in Kingsman


Imagine what porn will be like in 2050 or 2100. Phone Post 3.0

Holy shit. Phone Post 3.0

With this and VR coming we are so fucking done as a species with any sort of ambition.