Microsoft Flight Simulator returns 2020 WOW (VID)

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This game is so beautiful

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Can’t wait to try this with my quest 2 and the 3090

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They already have helicopters modded into the game.

29 min mark-

Helicopters are normally a big part of FS. In the last one there were some really fun oil rig rescue mission etc. One thing, rudder peddles are a super game changer with the choppers.

If you get the mod, let us know how it is.

I tried VR for the 2nd time but this time my friend’s system was highly upgraded especially his video card.

It was absolutely amazing. I was flying for about 5 minutes and inquiring about how much a VR headset would cost me b/c I was going to buy one for myself, but unfortunately as I flew the F-16 closer to the ground and started looking at the trees on the ground with how fast I was going, I got a really bad case of vertigo and had to take the headset off.

That really sucks because I was thoroughly enjoying this game in VR and it’s an entire new experience but unfortunately my brain is just not equipped to handle it.

If you don’t have any issues with vertigo though, I strongly recommend trying out VR. I’m still not completely ruling it out. I might try it again with a much slower plane and maybe pause the game every 2 or 3 minutes and remove my headset to combat the vertigo.

This is not nearly as easy as it may look.

Thanks man, I just saw you did this one a few weeks ago. You literally fly over my house, lol. Also flew over where I used to live 25 years ago (across the street from Venice High School - the thumbnail for the YouTube vid) this is amazing. Thanks!!!

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Glad you liked it! Pretty cool I flew by your house and you recognized it!

LA took some time but it was well worth it. One of my favorite cities to cover. Extremely detailed.

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This took me a while to complete but it was super rewarding to finally land all 5 landings consecutively without crashing.

This is in Houston so it’s easy to find.

#1-Follow the same flight path
#2-Land on all the buildings
#3-Come to a complete stop when you land on a building
#4-Take off from the building you landed on
#5-Land on all locations successfully consecutively

It’s not easy but if you can do it, you will feel like you accomplished something and extra props from me if you get it on video

My buddy created his own flight deck. All the buttons/switches work and some even light up.