Microsoft is a mess

A simple google search will show you the failed acquisitions and failed products. Ballmer has been a disaster.

This Xbox One deal really pissed me off.. You announce a concept, take a beating for it and then change. Good, right?


If you read the Steve Jobs biography, he hated market research and didn't give a fuck about anything but making the best product and innovation. The Xbox One was going to kill companies like Gamestop and move to a Steam type of experience, no question. Done with a game at 2 AM and want to get some money for it? Sell it through the digital marketplace and buy something else with the credit.

Now, Microsoft has given up their features and made it so they're closer to the PS4 in functionality and that is not the way to compete with Sony. I hate corporate dicktucking. If you fail, you fail.. but don't go down without trying to innovate.

Oh.. and give me my fucking start button back. (i know, i know.. classic shell)

they can still implement all the cool ideas without the 24 hour check up.

think about it, you can still run the "steam" style storefront with the old way concurrently.

they just decided to pull the plug on everything else to make people think it was all or nothing.

They can also implement anything they want with a software update. Phone Post 3.0


Agreed on the start button. Who gives a fuck about the rest. Non pc gaming is for noobs anyway. Phone Post

And they want to buy Nokia. Haha

RamK - Xbox180...

Lol Phone Post