Microsoft just "won" E3 2006

Stealing Grand Theft Auto 4 right out from under Sony - man, as bad as MS got pwned at the last E3 (even though it was by BS CGI footage), they have returned the favor this year....

And it'll be out before X-Mas this year, to boot.

Holy crap.

This is a big deal. That is the biggest selling game/franchise in the world right now.

Alright, someboday needs ot get their shit straight - I see one site that says GTA4 is out by Xmas 2006, another said 2007.

FYI, this is from the IGN pbp:

"On October 16th 2007 Grand Theft Auto 4 will be available on Xbox 360. There was no mention of an exclusive to 360. "


I don't think it's exclusive. If it were they would have trumpeted it to the heavens.

On the other hand, I don't know why Sony didn't mention it. Maybe it won't be available on PS3 for awhile.

By the way, has a new preview of Saint's Row and it is sounding very promising.

Why did you all think it was exclusive??

GTA is aparently shipping OCT 17th 07 thats over a yr away..

Man, this is geting confusing - according to IGN and Gamespot live E3 blogs, they say MS announced GTA4 is to 360 only, then Gamespot says they have received e-mail from Rockstar saying it launches on 360 and PS3 simultaneously.

Again, WTF?

hmmm strange

Whoops, just saw this thread. It's going to be in 07 according to IGN, and it will launch with both systems.

Moore said GTA4 will be out on 360 "from day one."

I'm guessing it'll be a simultaneous release on the PS3 and 360.

So the Microsoft fanboys say "Sony sucks because 360 gets GTA first" yet when Sony fanboys said the same thing last for the last release it was all "Big deal, it isn't exclusive, I'll just wait".

I find people's brand loyalty funny to behold. My own included.

rockstar issued a press release and confirmed that gta 4 will be out in oct 2007 for both ps3 and 360. so its not really a big deal for either system since they both get it at the same time.

what move? gta 4 will be out on the same day for both systems in oct 2007. microsoft didnt steal anything, they just avoided a porting delay.

True, but avoiding that delay is a nifty move, and it cuts into Sony's franchise. I'd be equally impressed if Sony managed to get Ninja Gaiden or KOTOR 3 released concurrently on PS3, to give a counter example.

It looks to me that there was some confusion by the dudes doing the blogging for IGN and Gamespot - GTA4 on the 360 will have exclusive content downloadable over Live, the game itself is not exclusive. Of course, I'm wondering if Sony will be right behind them with stuff on their own network, but at least that makes sense for the "exclusive" talk being kicked around.

And God only knows if that content will be anything worthwhile, or it it'll just be some bogus crap like a new car skin or two. Whatever happened to cool downloads like the Ninja GAiden Hurricane packs or the secret base in KOTOR, etc.? That new stuff like some new costumes for Kameo is ultra lame...


Having watched all the conferences in full now, I would have to say they were all not as good as last year as a general rule although at least Microsoft avoided that whole 'funky "every-chick" on stage talking about what she wants out of life.

Wouldn't say Microsoft 'won' however it is OBVIOUS they have a much better online strategy and XBox Live looks like it's pretty good even if it comes ata premium.

Was only excited by a few titles but they were evenly spread amongst every platform.

this isnt earth shattering news in the game world, but it is a big deal.

i didnt give the 360 much shot of winning this wave of console wars a year ago, but now its looking like they are going to put up a real fight in the states. ive been very impressed with them.

"GTA is not the driving force behind Sony's success."

It was a massive part of their non-Japan success (that and launching a year earlier than Xbox). It didn't come out on Xbox until a year later, and for at least six months or so it was believed to be a PS2 exclusive. What did it sell, 30 million copies or something like that?