Mid-March update...

Well, can you believe it? It's almost mid-March. Where did the time

Here are some quick updates:

1. The Harris International store is live again. However, we still
have a couple of things to work out on it (like the UPS shipping
module for example). Most have ordered without problems, but a
few people have had problems. If you order and you come across
a problem, please send me an e-mail describing the problem in
detail (E-mails that state, "I can't order on your store", or, "Your
store doesn't work" will not be answered because I simply answer
too many e-mails per day to tell you a second time to be specific
when telling me about a problem on the store.) If you have
complaints about the UPS charges, please know that we are
working on this problem.

2. I have new t-shirt designs for the academy. I will deliver them
to the printer on Monday and we will have a new design by
Tuesday evening. They will be available at the academy, as well as
on the Harris International Store.

3. I recently purchased a Canon GL2 and am very happy with it
thus far. With it, I plan to raise the bar on quality instruction. I'll
let you know how things go here in a few weeks (because I am
planning to film a ton of techniques and put them up on the

4. I will have some surprises for you on the Harris International
website on Monday afternoon, March 22 (PST). I think you will like

5. This Sunday, March 14, I will teach two seminars at the Harris
Academy. These two seminars will be in-house (Academy and
affiliate members only). The first seminar (which begins at 10am)
will focus on aggressively attacking from the guard. The second
seminar (which begins at 2pm) will be part two of the aggresively
attacking from the side mount position. Each seminar costs $50.

6. On Friday, March 26, I will arrive in Erie, Pennsylvania for a two
day seminar (Saturday and Sunday), as well as a series of twelve
private lessons. For more information, contact Mr. John J. Bruno at

7. Just a quick reminder to all Harris Academy students: June and
October are unique months. During these months, you can train
an unlimited amount of classes for free at the academy. The only
requirement is that you must have been a member of the academy
for the previous six months. So, if you want to train everyday of
the week, and do it free of charge, June and October are your
months! Don't forget this unique benefit! No other academy offers
you this kind of benefit!

Good training to all of you,

Roy Harris


"On Friday, March 26, I will arrive in Erie, Pennsylvania for a two day seminar (Saturday and Sunday), as well as a series of twelve private lessons."

I just missed out on getting a private, I guess they are filled up... but I am first alternate. So if you were luck enough to get a private with Roy in Erie... please cancel. :)

and the dvd sale?? did i miss it?

"and the dvd sale?? did i miss it?"

I was wondering about that myself. I noticed the BJJ vol 1 DVD is currently selling for $24.95, but I don't know if that is what it normally sells for or if that is the sale price.

i think that is the sale price, i think it is about half price.

Did you get the new versions of the Secrets of Collar chokes in yet? I know you said the other copies were defective and you'd be sending out the new ones once they came in.

-David C.

That definitely is the sale price. 201 is worth far more than that!


Iron Man,

The DVD sale has been on since the store went
back up on March 9. It will disappear tomorrow
morning, March 16. Also, the DVD's have always
been $49.95. Always.


Hunter V,

The collar choke videos came in last week.
However, I was too busy to pick them up. I just
picked them up today and will be sending the
orders off the rest of this week.

Roy Harris


can i have a friend purchase and pick the 201 dvd at your school tonight. what time will the school be open?


Ok, thank you.

ahhhhhhhh! I missed the sale? I thought I saw something saying the store would be back online on the 15th? I had not checked back. No no no no! Oh well. Save up for next time around.

Roy, I absolutely love your armbar tapes, by the way. Detail was outstanding, one of the few instructionals I actually watch on a repeated basis.

my friend came by yesterday. thanks.

i am looking forward to watching this dvd!!!

my friend came by yesterday. thanks.

i am looking forward to watching this dvd!!!