Mid-September 2006 Update

Harris International Mid-September 2006 Update

Whew.......This has been one busy month. To date, I have already
taught 23 hours of private lessons, answered a couple hundred e-
mails, returned a bunch of phone calls, taught group classes, spent
more than 100 hours editing video footage, updated both of my
websites, cleaned my school, threw out a bunch of old clothes,
organized the desktop on my computer, mailed videos, reviewed one
book and read three magazines, helped a few friends, worked out,
spent 30+ hours working on my golf game, hung out with friends, and
traveled to Magic Mountain to ride the scary rides and scream like a
little girl, only one time though ; ) Oh, and I got sick for three
days......whew, this month has gone fast! Anyway, here's what's new at
Harris International:

  1. There are a bunch of new updates on www.harris-international.com.
    Check them out when you have time. I think you will like them,
    especially the ones on the Videos page.

  2. On Sunday, September 17, I will be teaching a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
    workshop in Pasadena, California from 10:30am to 11:30am. The event
    will be held at Champion Gymnastics, 145 Vista Avenue #108,
    Pasadena, California 91107. Seminars will be held from 8:30am to
    5:30pm. Special guest instructors include Joe Camacho, Gokor
    Chivichyan, Herb Dean, Santos Flaniken, Lester Griffin, Larry Landless,
    Stephen Quadros and myself. This is a charity event to benefit an
    individual who was recently diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer.
    Donations are being accepted. For more info, please write to Mr. Jin
    Park at walknpark@yahoo.com

  3. The Frequently Asked Questions on www.royharris.com has been
    updated. Click on the link to read more: http://www.royharris.com/

  4. North County Fight Club Member and UFC Veteran Mr. Jason
    Lambert will be fighting in the UFC again on Saturday, September 23.
    His opponent this time will be none other than Mr. Rashad Evans. Go

  5. Speaking of fighting in the UFC, North County Fight has another
    member of their team who will be making his debut fight in the next
    UFC. Mr. Eddie Sanchez is his name! Good luck Eddie!

  6. Congratulations to Harris International BJJ Instructor, Mr. Jeff
    Baldwin, for winning the gold medal at the North American Brazilian Jiu
    Jitsu Tournament held in Los Angeles, California on Sunday, September

  7. On Friday, September 22, I will be heading off to Erie, Pennsylvania
    to teach a two day seminar: One day on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and the
    second day on Jeet Kune Do. For more info on seminar topics, cost,
    location and more, please contact Mr. John Bruno at

  8. On Thursday, September 28, I will be heading off to Trondheim,
    Norway to teach an Apprentice Level Grappling Instructor's Course, an
    Associate Level Grappling Instructors' course, a two-day Brazilian Jiu
    Jitsu seminar and a host of private lessons. If you would like more
    information on the seminar topics, cost, location and more, please
    contact Mr. Per Christian Andresen at

  9. As soon as I finish teaching the instructor courses in Norway, I will
    head to Galway, Ireland on Friday, October 6 to teach a three day
    seminar: Two days on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and one-day for a large
    security company. For more info, please contact Mr. Shane Geary at
    Shane.Geary@analog.com or Mr. Damien Walker at

  10. There is still a sale on private lessons. Pay for ten, 30 minute,
    private lessons, get two for free and pay only $400. That's twelve
    lessons for only $400. That's less than $34 a piece!

  11. The RoyHarris.com store is in testing mode right now. We plan to
    have it fully operational sometime in October. Stay tuned!

  12. Beginning on Monday, September 18, there will be article updates
    on www.royharris.com every Monday morning. I have already uploaded
    articles and questions and answers for every Monday from now
    through the end of October. So, if you feel like you need your weekly
    fix of new information on martial arts, look no further than

  13. As many of you know, Mr. Roy Dean will be leaving us soon. He is
    pursuing his dream of opening up his own academy in Bend, Oregon.
    When you have the chance, bid your farewell to him and tell him how
    much his teachings at the academy have meant to you.

Mr. Dean came to our academy as a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Now,
he wears the brown belt. Soon, he will be testing for his black belt.

Mr. Dean has made a HUGE impact on so many students! He has also
made a HUGE impact on me as well. I have encouraged him to pursue
his dream with passion and fervor, however, a big part of me will miss
his presence here at the academy!

Good luck to you Roy!

  1. Congratulations to Harris International Grappling Instructor, Mr.
    Bjorn Friedrich, on starting his own Blue Belt program in Obertshausen,
    Germany this Saturday. This unique program will lay a solid foundation
    for beginning level students, as well as prepare them for the blue belt
    certification. I whole-heartedly endorse this program and encourage all
    who are interested in obtaining a logical and progression oriented
    training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to apply for this program!

  2. Speaking of Bjorn Friedrich, one of his students, Mr. Franco De
    Leonardis will fight on Saturday in the UK at the Cage Warriors
    Promotion. He will face Alexandre "Xandinho" Izidro a Black belt in
    Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and the current Cage Warriors Light weight World
    Champion. Mr. Franco De Leonardis will be a contender for the title.

  3. Congratulations to Harris International Grappling Instructor Lee
    Mein and several of his students. Recently, ten of them fought as a
    team in an MMA event and had seven wins and three losses.

Their next event will be Rumble in the Cage on September 30th. There
will be over 3000 spectators in attendance and Bas Rutten will make a
special appearance to teach a one day seminar. For more information,
please contact Lee Mein at lee@mixedmartialarts.ca

  1. There will be two sales on group classes from now through Saturday, September 30th :

OFFER #1: Pay for three months of unlimited classes, get one month of
unlimited training free of charge PLUS a free thirty minute private

OFFER #2: Pay for six months of unlimited classes, get two months of
unlimited training free of charge PLUS a free one hour private lesson.

  1. All video orders have shipped this week !

Well, that about wraps things up for September. Talk with you next

Roy Harris

Harris International
1. 888. 380. 9789

any dvd sales coming soon?

Hey Mike,

No DVD sales soon. I just had one recently.

The next one will be in late October.


Roy, is that for members of your list? If so How do I join. Thanks in advance. Your products are great.


The October sale will be for everyone.

If you want to join th opt-in list, send me an e-mail with the subject
line that reads, "I want in."

Roy Harris