Middle Names

OG brethren, post your middle names here. 


They're usually pretty strange or slightly embarrassing, so why not?


Mine: Storm. I find my parents to be awesome with names.

Victor. Pretty boring, my dads first name. Phone Post

Dont have one. Phone Post

Charles. Also my Dad's first name

Grandpas first name Phone Post 3.0

Thomas, my dads middle name Phone Post

I hate my middle name. It is Boone. A family name. Named after my great something grandpa, some pioneer dude named Ratliff Boon. My grandfather's middle name was Boon, his mother's maiden name, somehow my middle name grew an E. I grew up in a town called Boonville. Phone Post

John; Dad's name. Phone Post

Michael Phone Post



Both grandfathers had the first or middle name George, so it just makes sense.

Timothy, my dad's name, except he goes by Tim. this is clearly very popular haha.

John Phone Post 3.0

Oddly enough my middle name is Twistertrent...

All it's ever good for is knowing how much trouble you're in as a kid.

First name = ignore

First and middle = better pay attention

Full name (first, middle and last) = you're getting your ass beat. Phone Post

Michael, pretty standard name. But my last name is Meyers, so there was always Halloween jokes.

marty? fuck yeah!

Eric. Not geeky, so I'm happy Phone Post 3.0


Pretty uneventful Phone Post 3.0