MiddleEasy's Top 10 Train Fights


We never expected another brand of Street MMA, but after searching the web for the newest and freshest fights we stumbled upon one of the most incredible sub genres of the Street MMA style we have ever witnessed. Ladies and gentleman, I'm proud to announce that Street MMA officially has a cousin and it's name is Train Fights. Not unlike Denny's MMA, this offshoot of Street MMA shares the same rules we know and love as Denny's or Street MMA, except it takes place on or around train platforms, inside subways or inside trains themselves. After we discovered the Train Fights channel on YouTube we realized that it was our duty to deliver the ten best Train Fights directly to you as swiftly as possible. This is that list. Obviously.

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 Solid feeder org for Backyard UFC

TTT for TrainForce


Anyone who's ever played Mortal Kombat while enjoy this one. 

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