Midi Help

I was wondering, if I hook up a midi device should I be able to hear through the computer speakers when I play a sound? Also, I used a sound check program that I got with my midi connector and it says that it's picking up the audio coming from my keyboard but when I try to record something it doesn't record anything. I've been having trouble with this thing for a while, can somebody please help!!!

Thank you

Hmmm, midi is a tricky bag at times.

What is your setup like?

Sounds like you are running from your keyboard into your pc through an interface into a sequencing program, is that right?

Midi itself makes no sound, it is a series of commands like start, stop. When you record into a program you are recording midi events, not audio. To hear it played back you should have the midi out from the pc back into your keyboard, or you can use the pcs general midi (which doesn't sound too great)

I use one wire tht connects into my joystick/midi port and has the input/output connectors. I talked to a gateway tech help guy and he said I should be able to hear audio when i play something from my keyboard. Then I told him that I still don't hear anything and he told me to use Windows Media Player to hear it but that didn't work. Do I need to have particular program running to hear something?

Oh, gotcha.

You do need some kind of program for this.

I think there are a lot of free programs for basic midi recording and editing, cubasis, cakewalk. I'll check out what is free.

"he said I should be able to hear audio when i play something from my keyboard"

What kind of keyboard do you have?

Most keyboards have built-in sounds, but some are just midi controllers.

I was looking around for free programs and didn't find much. You can find 'trial' versions of cubase on the steinberg site, or on kazaa. Thats what I would recommend.

My keyboard is an Alesis QS6.2 keyboard/synth. The programs I have are Acid Pro 4.0, Sonar XL, Ejay, and some others. I have all the proper software I have the connection wire for my computer but the only thing is that I can't seem to get my computer and my keyboards to respond to each other. It really sucks!!! I'm thinking of just doing a complete computer upgrade soon maybe that will solve my problem because my computer handles pretty shitty with XP. Apparantly Gateway decided to stop releasing driver updates for my computer model after Windows ME.

Well thats strange. I'm running XP and the midi runs pretty smoothly on my machine.

I don't think Acid has any midi features.

Sonar is part of Cakewalk right? You should be able to record into that no problem. It could be a configuration problem within the program. I'm not familiar with that program, but most sequencing software has a device setup menu where you can choose what midi ports you want to use. Sorry if you already know all this.

I already tried messing around with the midi device setup option. I really don't know what it could be, i'm thinking of posting it on the IT forum. Well anyway, thanks for your help I appreciate it.

Any luck yet?

Usually, all you have to do is have cakewalk open and a midi controller will play whatever synth is chosen to play back midi events.

Might want to play a midi file and see if you hear anything at all.

Good idea.