Midlands Report, Lee beat in Rd1

Donald Lockett, 19-18 record last year for D2 SF State. D2 National qualifier, did not medal at D2 nationals, DEFEATS NCAA Div 1 champion Travis Lee in first round.

Anything can happen.

and , Lockett came back next round and beat Boselli of CMU.


My student, Chris Skretkowicz 197, is seeded #1 and is in the quarters where he'll face #8 seed Sean Stender of UNI, who beat Chris 9-1 in NCAAs last year (Dont know how he only got an 8th seed).

If he gets by Stender he'll probably face #4 Fulsas of Iowa, who also owns a win over him.

Tough draw, but nothing's easy (see Travis Lee above)

I was sad about Lee, you said it though, anything can happen.

Lockett won again, makes semis.

Chris beats Stender 7-0, and is now 27-0 in points scored. Unbelievable!

Next up for Chris is Monteiro (CSB), who's also on a roll. Monteiro just beat Fulsas and has a 6-0 win over NCAA champ Hahn earlier this season.


in other news

Rutgers Andy Roy takes world bronze Medalist Joe Williams into OT before losing, heres one summary of the bout

Williams / Roy was a doozy...

Roy got a TD in the first when Joe stopped wrestling and was trying to call a timeout. He had his arms up and looking at the ref when Roy shot in and got a quick TD. Smart play by Roy but it wasn't what you'll call a textbook TD...

In the second, Williams was trying to prevent an escape and got reversed with one second left...

In OT, Roy shot in perfectly on Joe's foot/ankle. Joe fought it well, but many though Roy had the TD before Joe spun around for the victory. My buddy who sat next to me and is a lifetime IL native and Williams fan said it was clearly a TD for Roy, he had one of Joe's legs and his other foot, with both of Williams knees on the mat. I couldn't tell from my view, but it was very close either way...

heres what someone said about Skret:

Skret has really been getting quick TDs so far. He sure seems agressive to me, but 90% of the match is him on top, so it's tough to tell. In this tourney it's a 10 second shot and 5 minutes of riding time...

He's very tough on bottom from my experience, gets a heck of a lot of reversals. If you combine his immense riding ability, his quick TD potential and the high number of reversals, he must spend less time on his feet than any 197 pounder in recent history...

Sad to hear that about Lee.

oh well, Chris took 3rd, losing 2-1 in semis

I know hes not happy with 3rd, but you could do a lot worse than 3rd in the Midlands (two years in a row)