Midnite Club 3....

anyone recommend this ...? it looks really nice .

Considering my rather disgraced n dismal disgust of Burnout 3 ( yes i was LITTERALLY BURNED allright) and really trying hard to get at least ONE race game.

i like the idea of the fancy perks n additions to make the ride into a smooth groove monster machine tho.

or Gran turismo or Need4Speed :Underground 2 ,..how does one choose ??

if you prefer a simulation- GT. If you prefer a less in-depth game-NFS.

NFSU2 for arcade

GT4 for sim

im sorry , but i rented burnout 3 this morning and i add alot of fun with it. the racing is fast and dirty !

what didnt you like with it ?

Xakumax -

trust me after a few days (or HOURS) u will get tired of the BOOM BOOM BANG every friggin 2 seconds man... at first it was cool but aftert that i waslike DAMN can i just rACE without crashing n the slow mo garbage!!

i had less than 4 hours of play n i took that piece of crap back in a heart beat....my advice man is just to play it at a rental as u r doing ... but its not worth the 40-50 bux to pay for it .

Plus i know when i get my GTA:San Andreas and Halo 2 i wont be playing that game anyway.

jonwell /wasabi -- thanks guys :)