Midway Judo Club in St. Paul, MN

hey does anyone know any of these guys and have email address' for them?


I grew up there and maybe my dad can get in touch with them


is that the club with Perry (Hammer something is his last name, i think) and the other fella who taught/teaches at a massgae school and woul;d have his students come to tournaments and give free massages to the players...?

if so, they are truly good guys. fun-loving fellas who are out to have a good time and do some good judo. they were always really cool to hang out with-- part of the reason why the midwest is such a cool place to grow-up doing judo.


His name is Perry Forstrum(sp) Perry Hammer good one Josh:)

Joshua has caught the "Massgae". lol

hey man.. i thought his last name was Hammersforth er something.. idunno why.. just did. but he is one cool fella.

and yea, i "caught" my share of massages. if i was over 18 back then i think i coulda caught a bit more than a massage too.. i remember one of two of them ladies being hotties. but, i digress.


speaking of getting a massage... ever fart a bad one while they are working on ya.. fuckin embarassing, isnt it?