midwest fight

Alright looking for big fights in midwest. thought I would use the ug. So doing some research i found out that I (Derrick Mehmen) and Eric Schafer are ranked fairly close on fightmatrix.com . I have no beef or bad thought about Mr. Shafer. I am just looking for big fights that will help me get to the UFC or another top organziation. Eric has a great resume and i feel i have a decent one. So my thought is that perhaps the underground could help me set up this fight somewhere in the midwest. I believe there is a promoter in the midwest who would be willing (excited even?) to put this fight on one of their cards. Thank you guys for all your help. UG for life!


P.S. How do I change my screen name? I lost a screen name bet almost four years ago! I think its time to move on from it lol.

TTT for getting Derrick a fight

and send an email to snchange@mixedmartialarts.com using your email/login

thank you. sending email now lol


Red just got back from Mexico, he will have to wait for the penicillin to clear up whatever he brought back before a commission will clear him.


Ill send him a text and alert him to this thread. Phone Post

XFO is the biggest in the Midwest. Send us your info at matchmaker@xfomma.com and ill take a look and see what we've got coming up. Phone Post

haha...  again im not trying to start any beef. just sounds like a smart fight for two midwest guys. 

will do do. XFO thank you

Red has fought for us a few times. Most top prospects in the Midwest have at some point in time. We've sent over 120 fighters to zuffa and bellator in the last few years. Well take good care of you. Phone Post

Email has been sent. Thank you. look forward to talking to you guys. 


TRT (this is what my autocorrect does to TTT) Phone Post

I'm retired, leave this poor old man alone :) I leave the fighting to the youngsters. I have better things to do like eating pizza and drinking beer.

TRT???? Hmmmm..... ;)

Dang. :(.. Sorry man didnt know. I just had saw you fought in january. Sorry about that. Hope  you didnt take any disrespect. . U had a great career,  enjoy retirement! good luck to you in all your future pursuits.

Doesnt change the fact im still looking for fights :).. any promoters pm me please! and thank you:)


stuff like this is what makes the UG special & it's a great use of the resource that is the UG in connecting the right people in this great sport for growth. also, very respectfully handled by Derrick.

good shit