Miesha Clarifies OnlyFans Remarks

“Ladies this was taken way out of context, I had some fans harassing me insinuating I needed to start an only fans. I responded jokingly, this was not a statement I made about other women. I appreciate we can all have our own choices and I support women 100.%”

Apparently that tweet did little to change social media opinions so Miesha Tate took to Twitter again to apologize, saying she had simply made a mistake:

“I am truly sorry I have friends in the industry and I support that 100%. In no way shape or form was it my intention to put anyone down, I am only human I let someone make me mad and what I said to them was not a rep of how I feel about this as a whole.”

Miesha Tate (19-8 MMA) is set to get back in the ring to fight Lauren Murphy (15-5 MMA) in the flyweight division at UFC 273 on April 9th.


Coming from a person who tends to over-apologize in real life (I’m Canadian)… apologizing on Twitter or whatever is just fucking pointless. People are out for blood. Embrace Twitter for the dumpster fire it is. If someone asks for an apology, pour salt on the wound, douse everything in gasoline and light everything on fire. Fuck apologizing to people who deserve no apology.


she meant that, she just said what alot of other people say… then it blew up on her

She should have been honest and told them to stop prostituting themselves and get a proper job

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