Miesha Tate 3rd Title Shot w/Win Over McMahon?

UFC's female bantamweight division isn't incredibly deep, and with a win over #3 ranked Sarah McMahon, Miesha will be on a three-fight winning streak.

So my question is: is that enough to justify another shot at Ronda soon? Phone Post 3.0

Probably not before Bethe or Holly. 

Even if Cat wins that would still be another rematch. Rousey/Tate 3 or Cat/Tate 2. Phone Post 3.0

i doubt it. I would think they are going to give bethe correia the next shot with another win. I personally dont ever want to see meisha fight ronda again. I think we know how that fight goes by now.

Why would Tate even want to face Rousey again? She's had her arm turned into a set of Nunchuks once and been whupped and armlocked the second time. She can't beat her.

Yeah, she's rapidly approaching JDS limbo territory especially if she got a third loss against Ronda... but after Cat and Betche who else is there? Maybe a #1 contender match if she and Eye win their next matches. Phone Post 3.0