Miesha Tate: "This fight will change Dana's mind"

...on women's MMA!

AWESOME new interview with Miesha Tate. Whether you like female fights or not you should check this out. The way Miesha talks about fighting IMO it is hard to disagree that the women deserve a place.

Everything is covered in the interview from Marloes to making cakes! The difference between men and women's fights, why she hates cocky men, plus much more.

She also goes into detail about the future of women's MMA and some of the challenges her side of the sport faces. Worth tuning in to hear her talking about this alone, she says that her fight with Marloes will showcase what female figthts are truly about..."going for the kill"

"I'm out for blood. I'm winning the title NO MATTER WHAT."

Miesha is the sort of fighter who is hard not to like even if you don't follow women's MMA, are a gay man, or maybe just a man who hates women generally (we have some of those here on the UG). Whatever you think how can you listen to this and say Miesha isn't cool as hell? check it out!

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She's very pretty in person.  Personally, I was pleasantly surprised at her pleasant looks in person.

She certainly wouldn't have anything to do with the likes of me and probably wouldn't shake my hand with a 10-foot pole.

Raven Fighter she also looks hot to me online so your experience matches my own

ThatsWhatHeSaid -  Miehsa is great but I think Marloes is going to win

She seems VERY confident. from the interview she clearly respects a lot about Marloes but she said the bottom line is that she feels Marloes can't tap her out like Carmouche.

"Marloes has a puncher's chance and won't submit me"

Miesha Tate thread requires pics, thanks Phone Post

Miesha says Werdum tried harder to finish the fight vs. Overeem

"I would have liked to have seen better wrestling technique from Werdum"

Miesha is talking about forcing people to the ground here and I'm distracted

Miesha thinks Fedor's confidence may not be the same after two losses

Says fighting in the co-main event is more exciting than anything else and she doesn't feel pressure

"It's always been a dream of mine to fight on the same card as Fedor"

Cyborg deserves $$ and more fights, she just won the Mundials, by far she's the most dangerous woman on the planet Phone Post

octowussy - 
RavenFighter - She's very pretty in person.  Personally, I was pleasantly surprised at her pleasant looks in person.

She certainly wouldn't have anything to do with the likes of me and probably wouldn't shake my hand with a 10-foot pole.

1st reply.

No wonder Dana doesn't think anyone takes women's MMA seriously.

Well 1st reply on the UG is often the equivalent of "fart" or "I'm masturbating" even on threads about guys fighting so I don't think we can judge an entire female sport based on the way men act here, right?

Not saying RF was doing that. He will also admit that Guy Mezger (eg) is good looking too I bet. Just passing comment, she is a good looking girl....great fighter....nothing wrong with being both and you can be serious and hot at the same time or at least I assume you can.

BTW Raven don't be so down on your own looks I bet Miesha would pose for a fist pic

No pics? I am disappoint UG. Phone Post

Fist POSE pic. I should clarify that....lol.

Do you guys think it is hotter if she was actually driving when this pic was taken? Looks like one of MMA fighter Bryan Caraway's dress shirts in the back which could be a turn off due to fear (for me)

Meisha seems nice enough but coenen is an awesome competitor and a beautiful woman. Phone Post

"this fight will change Dana's mind"    Really?   Has Miesha ever even had an exciting fight?

and LOL@ Miesha & Marloes being the co-main event.

zackthewop - Meisha seems nice enough but coenen is an awesome competitor and a beautiful woman. Phone Post

They both are IMO

Listen to this interview. Miesha really will surprise you with her MMA analysis if you haven't heard her talk at length about fights before.

"It wasn't a surprise to me to see things get exposed about Coenen vs. Carmouche"

"In some ways Liz is a greener version of myself. It was awesome to see her take it to the champion like that."

talking about Marloes calling her a "cute girl":

"I wish women and men were viewed equally, but we're not. That's just the way it is. The way that women are marketed is different, period. It's not different with MMA. I'm just happy that I'm naturally comfortable being feminine outside of the cage. I'm not trying to be something I'm not. I am a woman. I'm not trying to be a guy in this sport, I'm a woman, I'm okay with that. I feel okay being feminine outside of the cage and I don't really feel that I should be judged on that, especially when it comes to my fighting ability because I don't rely on my looks whatsoever. I'm on a 5 fight win streak, I'm 11-2 as a professional so I think that should say enough."

"If she wants to think of me that way I can't do much to change her opinion...except beat her July 30th."

Meisha is hot and seems like a cool chick.. Hope she wins and I would love to see women's MMA in the UFC.!!

looking at how easy carmouche took down and controlled marloes I see the fight going the same way for miesha, who is the best wrestler in the division

bad match up for coenen 

Miesha is an extremely nice girl and down to earth bigtime. She is nice to everyone. I met her at strikeforce and she would take pictures with anyone who wanted one. I have a ton of respect for her as a person and a fighter. I would love to see more girl fighters get into MMA like her. I will be in Chicago rooting her on. I can't wait! 

on the difference between her "cute" style and Marloes:

"I see nothing wrong with the way any of the girls choose to present themselves. I think Marloes is very professional and wants to represent herself just as the guys do, which is fine - perfectly fine. I just realize that there's value in embracing your femininity and it comes naturally to me. If she doesn't like it I don't know what to tell her because I'm not going to change."

"I am me. I'm coming for blood. I'm going to win that title no matter what."

Says that her mom is a pro cake decorator and that's part of why she has such hot cake skills. Decorating cakes is one of her favorite hobbies out of fighting. This is making me want a cake as well now.

Says she might bake herself a belt cake for her birthday. lol

you go girlfriend!

I wish those two would scissor during their bout. Phone Post