Might be time to start funding the Taliban again

It’s an ugly thought but in an odd way Afghanistan might be the worlds savior. Here’s a frightening conspiracy theory… Biden understands that and is pulling out and leaving all the military gear on purpose!

It’s always nice to back a winner

The US might be goating China into this on purpose in order to study their military tactics.

You lost me at “Biden understands”. That mother fucker only under stands Jello for dessert and nap time.


What happens if the Chinese walk in and just take over the country with ease. What would that mean to the rest of us?

I can see you haven’t been paying attention for the last thousand years…


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There’s no chance of that happening. Good fucking luck, China. You’re gonna need it.

Agree…but these bastards can send/lose 500k soldiers in a war and won’t feel it.

The same was once said of the Soviet Union…


If you’re interested in this there are a couple of books I’d recommend.

First, “The Bear Went Over the Mountain”
Second, “The Other Side of the Mountain”


“Chinese military tactics”

After WWII…? They lost way too many men to keep that slogan alive forty years later…

“we have observed a particularly effective tactic with their light infantry vehicles. When the vehicle comes to a stop, the soldiers rapidly exit the vehicle and run around it in a circle before re-entering.”


how about chocolate chocolate chip and 6 years olds that look 19 when sitting with barretes in their hait and legs crossed?

white guilt will bring down Western civilization

China doesn’t give af … they will colonize Africa and Afghanistan

once china takes over the world’s rare metals its gonna be game over for the economy in 100 years

“Chinese IFVs appear to have a much greater capacity than their NATO counterparts. We have observed an entire rifle platoon dismount from a single vehicle.”

China doesn’t care what the world thinks. They might just level cities if the Taliban is hiding there



Did China enslave black ppl 200 yrs ago? That’s all that matters