Might buy PS2 for Monster Hunter!!

If it is any where close to as good as it appears to be... I'm hooked!


I've only heard good things. I'm going to be buying it for sure.

Holy shit this game looks cool, check it: http://www.gametrailers.com/gt_vault/t_monsterhunter_2.html

It is similar to Phantasy Star Online in that you personalize and build your character. You meet people in lobbies and then enter a game with up to 3 other people. It sounds awesome and being an action game and roleplaying all rolled into one is my favorite!

Wow. I can't wait to stand outside the towns and protest the wholesale slaughter of these poor things. Those innocent creatures are probably fed all year round so you violent hunters can go out and blast one while he's just trying to get some dinner.

yes, they stay well fed on our cattle and children!


I can see some of us getting addicted to this game lol


Looks amazing, thanks for bringing it to my attention, gonna keep my eyes open for more news on it now.

I hate those silly over-sized weapons. Looks neat anyway.

i have a ps2 that i would like to sell. if you are going to buy one, i could sell you mine pretty cheap.

I probably wouldn't buy until the game is out (Fall 2004). What's your email address... I'll keep you in mind

cool ... any news if it will be released on the gamecube?

lol @ your name Gator Man

is this online only?

no, there is an extensive single player.

sign in for an OG clan/guild lol