Might give myself an eyebrow scar

I was trimming my eyebrows couple nights ago and accidently made a bald spot in the middle of my right eyebrow.  It looks so radical though.  I almost wish it always looked like this.  I think it makes me look very dangerous.  I might cut my eyebrow myself to leave a scar.  It looks so radical.

Do it and post pics Phone Post 3.0

What other scars look badass?  I have a scar on the front of my scalp from when I was a kid and a friend threw a nerf gun while I was on the ground, whiched bounced up and busted me wide open.  It's a kewl scar.

I want more scars.

I'm about to take a hot bath and listen to a Steve Austin podcast episode.  Get at me.

World Series/RAW tonight.  I'm so stoked.

I ate too many Oreos and washed it down with Coca Cola.  I don't feel good.


Go Abdullah the Butcher style.

Real scars can hold loose change. Phone Post

What's your eyebrow scar story?  I might use your story and pass it off as my own if the story is kewl.  

Mookie 3:16 - 

I ate too many Oreos and washed it down with Coca Cola.  I don't feel good.

Damn. Seemed like you were on such a roll.

Got one on my right eye brow from getting thrown face first into the arm of a chair. Got one on my left from getting angry drunk and smashing my face off a 100 yr old willow tree Phone Post 3.0

I'm a BoSox fan.

Got one on my left from getting punched, the guy had a ring on Phone Post

We already know the Hawks will layeth the smacketh downeth on the Ramseth.

Got one on my left eye after getting jumped by 3 rednecks on new years eve. Got road rash on my back from where they dragged me down the street. Are eye brow scars a thing?

Does it look "radical" ? Phone Post 3.0

Don't puss out, get a facial tat

I have the real deal.