Might have just met my son...

This is my 3rd thread over the past year and a half on this.
Long and short of it is my wife and I started foster care at 10:00am on October 7th 2015. At 7:00pm October 7th 2015 a 10 month old baby boy was dropped at our house.

We immediately loved this little guy. We worked him through his delays and fought through the trials and pushed through the courts.
And after 555 days in foster care it is official that day I did meet my son.
The pain clan has gained another!
Blue name help a brother out!


Good shit. Congrats man

<img src= "http://i1074.photobucket.com/albums/w416/marshalllauen/Mobile%20Uploads/IMG_20170413_142735_919_zpsm07nongz.jpg"


Congrats man 

You guys rock. Congrats!

Good stuff 



sorry, you just got custody, adopted, fostered?


anyway, kids need parents. Well Done!


p.s. You look like a stud dad 


That's great news! Congratulations!

And great picture. :)

Little guy is already balding eh, like father Iike son.


no but actually, congrats and thank you for adopting

Congrats bro and Good looking kid. You both look happy

That's awesome. Congratulations.


Brockback Mountain -


Amazing! It got dusty for a minute!