mighty mo vs p.buentello (?)

this would be a great match-up for either, strikeforce or k-1.

this would be one fight where Paul better shoot and shoot fast.

Mighty Mo with the KO in either contest. That dude is brutal. Then again, Paul looked great against Carter, but Mo should take this one if it happens (and it should)...

I haven't been impressed with Mighty Mo in a while, he has been coming in fatter and fatter. His training must be slipping all over the place.

I say Buentello would dance around enough to tire out MO then move in and KO him standing.

EM has spoken the correct.

No way, Mighty Mo by lights out Rd. 1.

Mo in his prime maybe but he's 46 years old now and alot slower.

Paul B. would wear his ass out.

mo will ko him

"Mo in his prime maybe but he's 46 years old now and alot slower."

They're not talking about Maurice Smith

Siala "Mighty Mo" Siliga turns 37 in Oct.

Oh, shit, my bad man, for some reason I was thinking Mo Smith.


Mighty Mo has a rock hard chin and yes he is fat but he moves well for a fatty besides he dont have to worry about getting kicked too much by MMA guys.

LOL, for a minute I thought you guys were talking about Matty Mo.

For a second there I thought you were talking about Mo Vaughn. Boy, Mighty Mo sure could slug!

When I predicted Paul would KO Carter, somebody read me the riot act about how I don't know shit about MMA.

Paul is the real deal and needs to be back in the UFC.