Mighty Mouse fight announced

In ONE FC against Rodtang in a modified MMA/Muay Thai fight.

Rodtang is an absolute beast. Ballsy match up for both fighters. These are the kind of cross over match ups a lot of MMA fans want. Needle is moved


Rd 1: Muay Thai
Rd 2: MMA
Rd 3: Muay Thai
Rd 4: MMA

Muay Thai rules with MMA gloves?


It doesnt explicitly say in the article I read below but i would say yes. They have done MT in 4 oz before. The idea of Rodtang throwing down in those gloves is frightening

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Dumb - Their’s WAY better fights for both men in their respective sport. I don’t care who wins and I don’t think it even matters really, I don’t see how either fighter bumps up their portfolio with this fight…

Just my initial thoughts.


Fair enough. The argument is always there that guys should fight the best in their divisions but I feel there is always a portion of MMA fans keen to see crossovers, money fights, freak show fights and tournaments to mix things up

I don’t like freak show fights - I guess therein lies the issue.

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I am not a fan of fuckery and holding up divisions but I am 100% a fan of the crossover like this. Especially as it’s even number of rounds for each art


Rodtang will KO in round 1.

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He’s an animal. Would post a highlight video but I’m too retarded to embed them. Always show as a link for some reason

So basically either Rodtang knocks out MM in the first round or MM submits him in the first 30 seconds of the second round

Haha yep. MM be shooting early if he makes it to round 2

You think he makes it to round 2? I keep going back and forth on it.

MM’s fight IQ is as high as it gets, but he can’t get into a striking competition with Rodtang and expect to not get knocked out pretty quickly.

The question is whether he can be elusive enough for 5 minutes (are they 5m rounds?) to not get knocked out.
And when I frame it like that, I think the answer it yes. I think he’s elusive and athletic enough to evade KO strikes for a round.
He just has to not lose his mind and suddenly decide he’s gonna go toe to toe with Rodtang


Man if you think Rodtang is a Thai fighter and they traditionally start slow. Problem is he is pretty uniquely agressive with a lot of power

If I had to put money down I would bet that MM weathers the storm and makes it to round two based on his experience. He is no slouch standing. He will hang in there


Yeah I think so too. As long as he doesn’t get into an ego striking war, but I think he’s too smart for that. At least he used to be…we’ll see


Came to post this, was talking about this yesterday with a buddy.
Rodtang is a beast but Rd1 striking activity is low. MM keeps the bike pedals going and makes it to Round 2.

The question is.

Rodtang has to know the MMA rounds are bad news for him. So is he training for a fast start? Can he even overwrite his routine through a lifetime of MT fights?

I’m watching it, I have to know.


Rodtang is a beast, but his record doesn’t indicate that he’s some killer with huge knockout power. I know those fights are against other Thai boxers that are more or less on his level as opposed to MMA fighters, but I think MM survives the striking rounds by not fighting like an idiot. And then he “should” be able to get a takedown and get the submission in either round two or four.

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I’d be shocked if he can’t get Rodtang down and submit him in the first couple minutes of the second round.
But you never know…maybe Rodtang has some ridiculous scrambling ability somehow


I have no idea if Rodtang ever trained TD besides MT trip defense.

I have to imagine he has decent hip strength.

I have no idea if that equates to him knowing defensive use of those hips… At least he has offensive MT Clinch skills and TDs from the clinch.

What if he surprised MM and sweeps out the leg standing?

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