miguel cotto vs. Carlos Maussa

who you guys pick to win?
ive never heard of maussa and i dont know anything about him except he has like 15 kayos in about 16 fights.
does he a realsitic chance of beating cotto?

Most of Maussa's wins are against guys that have had lkess than 3 fights...

he did however beat jeffrey resto, considered a good prospect, in a fight he was picked to lose....

He is one tough sob and i truly beleive he will test Cotto like he's never been tested, but its hard to imagine him winning.....

thas kinda what i was thinking..cotto is poised to be the next great thing in boxing and hes lived up to the hype so far with all his wins...plus everyone knows about him. maussa on the other hand has a good record but is not widely known maybe because of the fact he hasnt fought big names?

I think thats exactly it. Cotto is poised to be the next best thing and has the promoters that will let us know that.

Maussa hasn't fought any big names . He is however, a very confident guy, very tough, and coming off a big win.

Gicen Cotto's "non-kill" style, I think this will be a heck of a fight.

maussau looks funny as hell shadow boxing he looks like he doesnt know what hes doin ,but looks can be deceiving hes got like 300 am fights, he comes forward standing straight up chin in the air ,throwing really wide punches, but hes not as easy to hit as he looks to be, this will for sure be a tough test for cotto

what kinda game does he have?(maussa) can he box well or does he slug alot? does he take a lot of punches or can he counter well?

he moves a bit but he mostly just throws wide looping punches trying to get u out of there, hes not even that fast, he has a high punch outrput and just keeps attacking ,should be a real good fight