Miguel Torres in Bodog.....

Does anyone know when Miguel will have his first fight in Bodog?

It's about time that guy goes to a bigger show!!

TTT for Miguel!!

Is he fighting in Bodog also?


I heard on the next ppv... July I think.


i have some great pictures that i took of Miguel Torres coming into a fight for TFC or IHC in chicago about 4 years ago. if you dont know he comes in with a full mariachi band playing behind him. its quite a sight! i'll see if i can find them and scan them.....

ptownbjj, I love his entrance....pics would be great   thx

ttt 4 pics

i have them somewhere. still looking. i shot/processed/printed a few 8X10's. i just have to fing the damn things.....

still looking....


He was doing that years before Diego Sanchez started it.

Miguel Itterate is fighting Tara LaRosa.
July 14th in Jersey.

Miguel Torres vs. Ryan Ackerman
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