Miguel Torres vs. Jeff Bedard 9/5

Torres by submission

Scout is a wealth of knowledge.............


Hope this is on TV as I have a high end wager on the outcome.

Check out the Wizbang, all typing on the internets and whatnot!

I was told by what I would consider to be a pretty realiable source that the Bedard / Torres fight WILL BE on the live broadcast.

I'm excited.


I'm piggybacking on wizbang's wager. Word I got is that it is going to be on TV because Torres is so highly touted.

Goody goody!


Torres vs Bedard has been added to the televised show. Scheduled first

SHOWTIME is 6 p.m. pst, 9 p.m. est on Versus Network (VS).

To ind the local cable or satellite provider in your area, go to Versus.com
and punch in your zip code.

Check out the Weigh Ins broadcast live on www.wec.tv at 4 pst tomorrow!

It's free, just click on the weigh insection.

"Torres can tap anyone at 135 in my opinoin"

Even the 135r who won the last 145 and under bracket in ADCC by beating Leo Viera? To be honest, I cant see ANYONE (close to his weight anyway) tapping Rani.

Torres by triangle, 1st round.

On a side note. I gotta say, Im stoked to see WEC is getting the 135lb division crackin. There is ALOT of talent at that weight that not many people here in the states have been exposed to. My brother Ian is fighting weds as well and I know he will impress alot of people. Then there is Torres who I have been hearing about for quite a while now, Bedard, Banuelos, Rani Yahya, Bebe, Wyland ect...These guys always bring it in this class and now they'll get some recognition.

Torres goes 100mph the entire fight. His cardio is frightening. Stand up is damn good and ground game is even better.If Jeff can't finish him in the 1st, Torres will sub him or win by tko in the 2nd.

I cant wait. I fly out there tomorrow night. Rooms are cheap right now at the hardrock since its a weekday in case anyone is going.

The real question is, would Torres beat KID now that the latter has dropped to 135-ish? That is the question to those saying he is "easily" the best, etc. I know he's GREAT, but let's not start dismissing everyone else.


^^^SERIOUSLY!! That is just crazy that Kid only weighs 135. I honestly cant see anyone beating Kid at 145 let alone 135.


is this WEC televised or is it a ppv?

"bedard is going to smash torres. be sure and take a pic of torres face after the fight its not going to be pretty "

I'll be sure to remind you of this idiotic comment after the fight.

"bedard easily "

Nah, Miguel will submit him.

ttt for a fantastic fight

If Jeff gets top position you will see the most active fighter from the bottom in Torres. It's insane how much he works from the bottom.

I'm still taking Torres 2nd rd tko or sub.