Miguel Torres vs Steve Hallock

Just thought you would all like to Know I just confirmed this fight for The New Beginning Combat-Do Fighting Challenge on October 23rd in CICERO ILLINOIS. for ticket info call 1-708-222-8100 Hope to see you there. Cold Beer, Hotdogs,Ring girls and a great card. Thanks Master Bob

has steve been pretty active? Pardon the ignorance but, I haven't heard his name for awhile. I remember bolt telling me he was tough and awkward to grapple against. How is steve's stand up? This is a great match up, but stand up could be the issue, or maybe I don't know enough about steve, please inform me. Very interested in this fight.

Thanks for any imput

ttt for the weasel. Last time I saw hime fight he enteredto the star wars imperial march wearing a t shirt that said be a hugger not a slugger.

this show is gonna rock the midwest!

big props to bob schirmer for what he has done for the sport and for putting together such a great card in such a short period of time.

bob is always looking to grow the sport of grappling and mma. this guy is one of the hardest workers in the WORLD.

great job bob!! tell miguel we want to see the mariachi

this should be another great bout on a stacked midwest card.

i hope to see everyone there!

chris dranka

TTT for The Weasel



Best of Luck to Torres, should be a good fight and a good show. Will the Torres between rounds mariachi band be playing?

I like the Weasel, he's cool..but Torres is no joke, the kid is for real and has been fighting a long time.
Should be a great matchup!

nice work...your just made a great card even better.




TTT Steve or Jason give me a call 1-708-222-8100

ttt for Miguel



It is hard to find a bigger STAR WARS fan than myself, but when he entered to real American (Hulk Hogans song after eye of the tiger) was the best!

TTT for this fight great match up IMO.The Weasle is a cool ass fighter and exciting as hell to watch fight.I saw Torres fight recently and he was very impressive.Tough fight to predict a winner.

Torres is exciting as hell to watch. That card is pretty stacked to, should be a good one, I hope I can make it out there (pending on if I have work.)