mike bossy was freakin insane

scored 50+ goals in his first 9 seasons(not even gretzy or lemieux did that) then he fucked up his back. can you say greatest goal scorer ever?

Mogilny and Selanne scored 76 their rookie seasons, something that not even Gretzky or Lemieux did either, does that make them the best ever goal scorers as well?

yes but molginy and selanne never scored 50+ goals for nine straight seasons.

pay attention

and has a highway named after him.


Don't remember to much about Bossy. I was to young but my dad used to tell me he was awesome. It's to bad because I would have liked to have seen him play. No denying his skills though if you look at his stats. With that said Gretzky and Lemieux will always be the top two scorers in my book.

Bossy was incredible. I ALWAYS get amazed when I look at his stats.

wtf where did my previous post go? so weird...

Anyways, amazingly talented scorer who like Wayne had a GREAT team to play on.He's still a huge pussy though ;-)

I love seeing Tiger Williams just go off when he even hears that name.