Mike Brown, Congratulations!

Mike, congratulations on your victory. Renato is a tough, worthy opponent. We are so proud of you.


Congrats, Brown!

Congrats Mike.

Dear Mike Brown,

I wanted to personally congratulate you on your fight against Renato "THE WIZARD" Tavares tonight. As his sponsor I was obviously hoping for a different outcome, but you were more aggressive and pressed the entire fight tonight.

Renato usually fights differently than he did tonight, and even though he lost, I support him and will continue to support him because he deserves it.

I just wanted to personaly congratulate you on a great fight....and best of luck to you!

Renato....you are still the man to me....I love ya and will continue to be in your corner my friend.


Congrats Mike!...Joe

Steinerwear that was a classy, fantastic post. On this forum over the last couple of years I have seen shit talking, disrespectful, fair weather friends and fans spew their garbage. They support fighter A or B when they win, then pig pile on them when they lose. I respect your post in support of your friend, it epitomizes what REAL friends feel about their chosen fighters. Renato is a terror and will soon be back to his winning ways. Mike is my friend. He has been through more than most of the people on this forum will ever knowknow recently. This fight meant everything to him, and he trained hard. MMA is a tough, brutally honest sport that exposes a person like few other sports can. As friends, we see fighters at their best and worst moments. The true friends/family/training partners don't waver or deviate from their support. It was SO refreshing to see what you wrote. I feel the same about Mike, win/lose/draw. Thanks.


ttt, I'm going to bed! What a night. There is a god! Mike won and Manny got KTFO. Maybe Santa isn't a myth? Tooth fairy? Hmmm.



Any fight description, I would be very grateful for. I heard a little second hand through Jorge's cell, but not details?

ttt for details.

Congratulations,Mike Brow.

TTT for a description.

P.S. Congrats to you too, Mr. Franca.

Yes, awesome job Mike and Hermes.

What's up, Seamus. I met you at Hannaford in town a while back. I still need to come check you guys out sometime.

Hey DTucci,
I was wondering what happened to you. I've moved and I'm not having a regular class right now, however I am always open to training. My E-mail address is dragulya@gmail.com

Drop me a line.



Thank You for your kind words...I appreciate it greatly. Although I or Renato do not know Mike...I (and I know Renato also) have always respected his hard-working mentality and gritty performances. I also did not know that Mike had a difficult time this year personally...however I wish him well....he is a true gentlemen...as is Renato.

I am DEFINITELY not one to "abandon ship" after a loss. I have had my fair share of losses too & beleive in working hard to achieve dreams. I am a true Taurus...and we believe in loyalty...especially when you get to know someone like Mike or Renato.
With that being said, I also do not subscribe to negative thinking or public displays of negativity. I try to respect everyone & I also strongly believe in Karma.

In any event...again I want to personally congratulate Mike on a terrific performance, and wish him the best for this upcoming NEW year....Good Luck Mike.


ttt, in hope that Mike gets to see this thread.

Mike would like to thank Danger and the Cannon for keeping him in shape this summer

jk, TTT for Mike, and good guys worldwide