Mike Brown in the UFC!!!

I just wanted to say congrats to Mike Brown for getting a shot in the UFC. For those of you who have never seen him fight, let me just say that he is a damn good fighter. I saw him fight in Mass Destruction and he made quick work of his opponent. I also met him at the Maine Skirmish grappling tournament and he was super nice. Brown/Sudo should be one hell of a match!

AGREE 100%!



P4P Mike Brown

Gonna be an amazing fight

Congrats Mike Brown..

Jim de

more info on this guy please?

can't wait....

mike is a huge underdog, so I'll have money on him. I think he's going to surprise a lot of people.

What's up JIm De, Go MIke!!!

Go Mike!
I am so excited to see him in the UFC. I believe Mike holds Title belts in Fightzone and AFC. His pro record is 6-1. His only loss was his first pro fight to Hermes Franca. All of Mikes wins have been by submission, with only one going to decision. He has a real strong wrestling background, with good submissions and good striking. I saw him enter a bjj competetion and finish 4 ju jitsu guys all by heel hooks and he got first place. Mike is a super nice guy and he is excited to be in the UFC, and fighting who I heard is his favorite fighter, Sudo. You can see his record here:


Sudo is also my favorite fighter, and when I see him fighting Mike Brown, crap will surely fly right out of my pants.

Mike's very skilled,a great athlete,and trains with terriffic fighters.I think he'll impress in the UFC.

Excellent I'm glad the UFC finally got a fighter with a good grappling back ground to fight Sudo, so I can finally see how good he really is on the ground.

Congrats Brown! A well deserved shot in the big show....Joe

I'm just not sure who I want to win! I really think Brown might win, but ever since Sudo dressed up like "Rick Vaughn" for his entrance at K-1 he's been my favorite fighter. Crap! I'm more excited about this match then I am about the lost-all-its-magic Ortiz/Liddel fight.

is that the same guy who just beat Remiedios? (sp?)

is that the same guy who just beat Remiedios? (sp?) Yes.

Congratulations Mike. Well deserved!

Mike has a good sprawl, and I think that it will be difficult to take him down. I am not sure what his strategy will be with Sudo however. I don't know if he is going to want to stay standing, or go to the ground.

Is there any video available on Mike?